Your Virtual Assistant

Imagine that you had a watch that could hear, understand, feel, and respond to you. Now imagine that it is already on your wrist. Armour Pro’s built-in virtual assistant Alexa lets you leverage the various features hands-free!

Noise Levels

Audit your audio

A pre-calibrated and accurate noise detection mechanism alerts you about high ambient noise. The noise history keeps track of the hours of noise exposure along with a decibel reference.

SpO2 Monitor

Breathe Easy

Blood saturation is a crucial indicator of your health. It indicates how effectively your body absorbs oxygen.
It is a wholesome healthcare experience, including blood saturation tracking (SpO2). Its remarkable SpO2 sensors meticulously track oxygen levels to keep you updated.

Heart Rate Monitor

Healthy & Hearty

A good cardiovascular routine not only includes the amount of time you exercise but also the intensity of the workout.
The 24X7, real-time heart rate tracker enables you to track your heart rate and ensure optimal caloric expenditure.

Sleep Monitor

Sleep Sound, Dream Big

The sleep tracker performs a holistic analysis of all the phases of sleep, including breathing pattern tracking. It also gives you key insights to help you establish a regular bedtime routine which eventually improves sleep quality and duration.

Stress Monitor


Robust stress tracking technology in tandem with sleep trackers reliably monitors stress levels using stress scores. A close tab on your stress levels enables you to develop comprehensive stress management solutions to mitigate stress-related problems and reinforce mindfulness.

Sports Modes

Get your move on

When it comes to fitness, Knowledge is power. Track your workouts from treadmill to pool.
19 versatile sports modes let you gauge your lap times, idle time, burnt calories, and much more.

5ATM Water Resistant

Built To Last

A Multifunctional dial with a 5ATM water resistance rating lets you swim, splash without a worry. Engineered to withstand pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters, this watch is a perfect fit for the adventurous lot.

7 Amazing Body Colours

Wear Your Style

105 Watch Faces

Customize your watch using the awesome 105 watch faces available or using your own pictures.

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